Samba do Brasil

The Carnivale is an age-old tradition in Brazil and throughout the Caribbean. The costumes are extravagantly decked with bling and colorful feathers, and the Passistas (dancers) are smiling brightly and dancing with great passion.

Carnivale is a celebration, brought by the natives of Angola Africa who migrated and blended their beautiful culture with the natives.

There are many styles of Samba in Brazil, of the most popular include:

  • Samba no pe
  • Samba de Carnivale
  • Samba de Bahia (Axe)
  • Samba de pagode
  • Samba de Coco

Caribbean Carnivale dance is similar but differing in the steps and music styles. Caribbean Carnivale music is traditionally Soca (Trinidad) which is very exciting and fast-paced. There is also Tassa (Guyana) which is a very fast and rapid movement of the hips which is similar to Tahitian Otea 

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