Tahitian Dance is a very ancient dance that is performed by the inhabitants of the island of Tahiti. While there are many similarities in movements, Tahitian dance is unique in many ways.

Tahitian Otea Dance is  performed to very fast drum rhythms. The full Princess Otea costume consists of an elaborate skirt made of several pounds of hibiscus bark  (which is soaked in water, dried in the sun, and combed to create majestic movement capability), a coconut bra, a hibiscus bark or ti-leaf belt (one which heavily accentuates the hip area), and an elaborate headpiece which may range from a stylish clip in of feathers and dove shells, or a very tall feathered headpiece with mother of pearl shells, tassels, and all manner of exquisite earthy decorum. 

Tahitian Dancers also wear a short sarong and elaborate hau hip hei, or a sarong and bandeau only, as their hip movements are so profound that they may be seen without the added enhancements.

All performances conducted by Global Dance Goddess Artists include traditional costumes handmade in Hawaii. The music and technique are authentic as well.

Many people enjoy Tahitian dance because it is fast, exciting, and fun to try!

Polynesian Fire Performance is an option to heat up your next Luau! These performances include a trained professional and insured fire performer with the following options:

-Single Female Fire Performer $225+

-Duo/Group Fire Performers $450+

-Advanced Male Fire Performer $300+

*all fire performances require specific safety conditions in order to be executed. While liability insurance is carried by Artists, customers must provide a safe environment as well as a weather contingency plan for outdoor performances. Winds, rain, and other inclement weathering may inhibit and/or prevent fire performances. Be sure to talk with your Global Dance Goddess representative about these matters prior to booking.

The Polynesian Islands are a diverse group of cultures and traditions that have very similar yet rather unique styles of dance. Global Dance Goddess proudly offers two styles of Polynesian Dance: Hawaiian and Tahitian.

Hula Danceis a compilation of traditional dances performed representative of the Hawaiian Culture. ALL PERFORMANCES include professional and authentic costumes, music, and dance technique.

The following styles of Hula Dance are performed by Global Dance Goddess:

Hula Kahiko: This style is more commonly known as Ancient Hula, a style performed in pre-colonial times and reflected spiritual beliefs. These dances tell the story of Hawaii, the enchanting stories of Gods and Goddesses of the islands and ocean. Pele, the Fire Goddess, is a topic of most cultural performances .  The music of Hula Kahiko is very rhythmic, using drums made of gourds and singing in Hawaiian language by the dancers.

The following props may be used to accompany Hula Kahiko performances:

-Puii-ili : Bamboo sticks

-Ili-ili : stones

Hula Auana: This style is what most are familiar with as Modern Hula. The Auana is accompanied by musical instruments such as the ukulele and singing in English. Americans think of this style when it comes to a Luau and enjoy the cute and sassy dances that can  engage Luau guests to join in on the fun! Popular songs incude:

-The Hukilau Song

-Little Brown Gal

-Little Grass Shack

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