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Summer is upon us...

Carnivale Workout is a medley of dance styles from the Brazilian Diaspora and the Caribbean Islands where they celebrate Carnivale and flex beautifully fit and fabulous figures.

Explore the techniques and styles to enjoy a cultural experience that will work you out to the MAX!

Samba and Soca will engage the core, glutes, arms, legs, and fill your heart with passion and jubilation!

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PRICE INCREASES TO $30 at the door.

Available Courses


Join Zaina for Ladies Night at Imperial Fez!

We will have a Bellydancing Demo class, 3 course meal and Entertainment deal just for YOU!

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 Student Performances

Goddess BellyFit is the featured course of Global Dance Goddess. This program is a Beginner Bellydancing Workout program designed to provide a moderate workout that will:

  • teach basic technique
  • workout your Core
  • sculpt the upper and lower body via isolation

Students of all levels are welcome to this course as it is beneficial in many aspects. This course is offered at various locations and may be taught as a private group lesson.

For more information please contact us via email:

Technique Drillswill be utilized to teach participants how to respond to the music, emotionally and physically.

By the end students will be equipped with elements to practice at home to vastly improve their dance skills and knowledge of Egyptian dance. The Mini-Choreography shall serve as both a learning tool and a perspective for development of style.

If you are interested in participating and have questions, or have a studio and would like to host a series or a session of the I Love Egypt Workshop Program, please email:

Past Workshops

A video posted by Zaina Zahra (@zainazahra) on

Recently returned from Egypt, where the Art of Bellydancing originates, master performing Artist, Choreographer & Instructor Zaina Zahra will now offer a specialized workshop to teach the Egyptian style--the mother of all styles of Bellydancing.

This workshop series has been specially designed to introduce participants to specific styles that every Bellydancer should know.

Participants will learn the meaning of the terms (Shaabi, Beledi, etc.) as well as other Egyptian terms associated with the style, it's origin, and be able to recognize the style based upon the music. Musical Recognition shall service as a learning tool to aid and develop choreography and free-style skills.