Samba Workout

Tuesday 5PM - 6PM

Fitness and Fun Dance from Brazil. Learn the Samba step and Axe de Bahia.

High intensity  cardio!

Beginner Bellydancing

Thursday 6PM - 7PM

Beginner technique from the Egyptian or Turkish styles with an added fitness element. Music is traditional to the culture.

Intermediate Bellydancing

Thursday 8PM - 9PM

The next level after one has mastered the technique and basic isolations. Intermediate teaches movement, use of props, and styling of the Egyptian and Turkish methods.


Join Zaina for Ladies Night at Imperial Fez!

We will have a Bellydancing Demo class, 3 course meal and Entertainment deal just for YOU!

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HULA   (Hawaiian & Tahitian Dance)

Saturday 11AM- 12PM

Hawaiian style Hula is fluid and serene. The hip movements emulate the ocean waves. Arm movements are graceful and aid in telling a story. 

Tahitian style Hula focuses on the core and lower body, using rapid hip and core movements that sculpt and tone the glutes, core, legs, and thighs. Tahitian dancers, both male and female, have very toned bodies because of the dance technique!

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 Student Performances

Goddess BellyFit is the featured course of Global Dance Goddess. This program is a Beginner Bellydancing Workout program designed to provide a moderate workout that will:

  • teach basic technique
  • workout your Core
  • sculpt the upper and lower body via isolation

Students of all levels are welcome to this course as it is beneficial in many aspects. This course is offered at various locations and may be taught as a private group lesson.

For more information please contact us via email:

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Bollywood (Indian Dance)

Tuesday 7PM - 8PM

Fitness and Fun Dance from East India

Modern Bollywood, Bhangra, Kathak elements.

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