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Bollywood Dance is a multitude of cultural dance forms from the subcontinent of India. Zaina Zahra has studied Classical Kathak Dance as well as Modern Bollywood, with over 10 years of performance experience.

Styles of Bollywood include:

  • Kathak
  • Modern Bollywood
  • Diya (fire) Dance
  • Bhangra

Kathak Dance is said to have originated in Northern India as one of eight (8) Classical Indain Dances, and is considered also to be one of the most dynamic theater arts in the world. With dancing, music and rhythmic synchronicity and lip singing, Kathak is a dance of storytelling.

While Kathak has its history among famous courtesans and brothels, it is also recognized as a classical dance form very prominent among kings and zamindars of high society.

During the Mughul era, influences from Central Asia and Iran were incorporated into the dance style. This can explain why costuming is similar as well as some of the movements.

Today Kathak is a well-respected Classical Indian dance that is performed in very high class settings. Many girls begin to study the art form as early as age four (4).

Zaina Zahra studied Kathak under the tutelage of Divya Srivastava at the Nritya Natya Kala Bharti (NNKB) school of Kathak in Norcross GA.