• Zeina3:22

Additional Company Artists

Level: Intermediate

Experience: Five Years Study, Two Years Performance

See Ajaz Live: 786 Kebab & Curry   

                       Gainesville GA

                        Saturdays, 7-10

Available for: Solo or Group Performances, Restaurants, Family Gatherings

Props: Veil, Fan Veils, Wings

Favorite Styles: Shaabi

Bellydancing is an ancient style of dance that has taken the modern world by storm!

The history is vast, so to be brief, it originated in the Culture of Ancient Kmt. For over 6,000 years it has been performed in cultural settings by female gatherings (hafla) as well as taking center stage to entertain guests. The art form is a major part of the entertainment industry, and women all over the world are empowered by the "sacred feminine" movement sparked by Bellydancing classes.

Zaina Zahra's performance experience includes:

Restaurant Performance

Corporate Events

Cultural Events

Family Gatherings

Music Videos

Reality TV Shows

Stage Performances

Performance Abroad

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You can Learn how to Bellydance! For more information about Bellydancing classes and other classes offered by Global Dance Goddess, click here.

Global Dance Goddess offers various styles of Bellydancing. These include:

  • Raqs Sharqi رقص شرقي (Egyptian Oriental style)
  • Balady  بلدي (Egyptian regional style)
  • Shaabi شابي (Egyptian Modern/Street Dance)
  • Saidy سعيدي (Folkloric dance of Upper Egypt, with or without Cane/Stick)
  • Iskanderani اسكدراني (Egyptian Dance from Alexandria)
  • Danse Oryantle (Turkish Bellydance)
  • Chaabi (Moroccan Dance)
  • Raks al Sayf (Sword Dance)
  • Qawliya قولية (Iraqi style)
  • Khaliji خليجي(Gulf style)
  • Cabaret (Western)
  • Swahili Taarab (East African coastal dance from Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar and Djbouti)

Props include:

  • Goddess Wings (Satin or LED)
  • Silk/Chiffon Veils
  • Fan Veils
  • Finger Cymbals (Zills)
  • Cane
  • Sword
  • Fire (various props--see Fire Performance page)